• Where Faith Grows Devo on Abundantly more by Laura Lambert, Christian Blogger and Podcaster
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    Believing and Embracing Abundantly More

    God loves to honor our seeds of faith with abundantly more.  Between the ages of about 7 and 13, my dad raised myself, my younger sister, and my older brother mostly on his own. My memories from that period of my life are nothing if not exciting – whenever someone makes pancakes, it only takes a faint scent for me to conjure up images of dad making pancakes for dinner (for the third time that week) with all of us kids dancing around asking him to make one in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I can also remember being about 7 or 8 and giving my dad a piece of…

  • Canva Legals: Start your Christian branding with success. This blog post covers everything you need to know to confidently start using Canva for all your graphic design needs and stay legal while doing it!
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    Canva Legals: Start Your Christian Branding with Success

    Why Do I Want to Show You Canva? There are so many aspects of Canva that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you guys. I am such a firm believer that Canva is the best way to create digital and print graphics that support your brand in an easy and efficient way. Anyone can do it! And the quality always comes out amazing with all their built-in resources, elements, and templates. I am so excited to share with you all the different ways you can use it to promote and establish YOUR brand – my heart is that all Christian content creators will feel equipped and confident to share…

  • Devotional on shame by Christian podcaster and blogger, Laura Lambert
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    Shame Has no Hold On You

    For most of us, shame is a constant feeling in the back of our minds. I recently made a post on my instagram about feeling the dreaded “mom guilt” and many women jumped in the comments to echo my feelings.  “Mom-guilt is real!” was a common theme of response.  And it truly is. I think, as moms, we feel guilt and shame deeply and often, both for standards of our own invention and ones that others have placed on us. As Christians, it’s no different.  We feel guilt and shame for not doing enough, doing too much, looking too perfect, not looking perfect enough, and the list goes on. After…

  • Not So quiet time logo - June Edition. Blog series by Christian podcaster and blogger, Laura Lambert. June 2020 playlist is on Spotify!
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    Your June Not So Quiet Time Playlist

     Here are my top 5 songs for your Not So Quiet Time playlist this month. You can click on the images below for each song to listen on YouTube, but you can also click here to view my ongoing Spotify playlist that I’ll be adding to each month with songs from these lists.   These songs are ordered 1-5, but if you head over to the Spotify playlist, you’ll notice they aren’t ordered that way at all. All the songs from each month’s playlist are actually mixed in together. I like to put slower songs at the beginning and end of the playlist, because I usually use my not so quiet…

  • Not So Quiet time logo, a blog series from Christian blogger and podcaster, Laura Lambert
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    5 Tips for Not-So-Quiet Time with Jesus

    What is Not-So-Quiet Time? Not-so-quiet time is one of the ways I spend time with Jesus every single day. I grew up in Church and, as a result, heard all about quiet time, devotional time, prayer time, and the like. People I knew were masters at devoting an hour a day to quiet time with the Lord in their closets, in the car, quietly studying scripture, and on and on. And those things are really great! These can and SHOULD be ways you regularly deepen your faith – the Lord calls us to be still and know. There is a time for that! But God made me loud. He made…

  • Not So quiet time logo - May Edition. Blog series by Christian podcaster and blogger, Laura Lambert
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    Your May Not So Quiet Time Playlist

    Here are my top 5 songs for your not so quiet time playlist this month. I’ve added them all linked below from YouTube, but you can also click here to view my ongoing Spotify playlist that I’ll be adding to each month with songs from these lists.  These songs are ordered 1-5, but they aren’t ordered that way because the first is my favorite. I just order them in a flow that I like to play the songs in for variety and enjoyment. Read on for my monthly round-up of top songs for my not so quiet time!  1.“The Valley” – Betty Who WHEW! This one has some FEELS in…

  • Laura Lambert, Where Faith Grows blog post: 5 Events at Disney World That Radiate Disney Magic
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    5 Events at Walt Disney World that Radiate Disney Magic

    Disney Magic Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth – and that’s just a fact. From the moment you walk through the front gates at a Disneyworld park, you are immersed in a new world.  (PSA: I want to share a little backstory on what Disney teaches me about faith – if you’re just here for the most magical seasons to visit Disneyworld, you can skip this top section and scroll down until you see the heading “5 Events at Walt Disney World that Radiate Disney Magic”) So what’s so magical about Disney?  People smiling and laughing, the cares of their everyday lives melting away. Cast members…

  • cropped image for Kanye West blog post by Laura Lambert, Christian podcaster and speaker
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    3 Things We Should Start Saying About Kanye West, His Christianity, and JESUS IS KING

    “What have you been hearing from the Christians? They’ll be the first ones to judge me, make it feel like nobody love me. Don’t throw me away, lay your hands on me. Please pray for me.” – Kanye West It’s time we challenge ourselves as Christians to be the best we can possibly be. Let’s start by thinking about how we approach Kanye West. I’ve been scanning Twitter, Facebook, and Google over the past few days since I heard about JESUS IS KING, and there’s a genre of response creeping across my internet that I just don’t love. Before I start, let me say that all Christians are not responding…

  • Laura Lambert Why Acts of Kindness Matter, Christian podcaster and speaker
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    Why Acts of Kindness Matter: A Story of Serendipity and a NICU Baby

    How Our Healthy Boy Became a NICU Baby On June 25th of this year I had no clue what Acts of Kindness would be coming my way shortly thereafter. I was sitting in my weekly Prenatal appointment at my OB’s office. I was officially 36 weeks pregnant and was ready to hear how everything was progressing. Honestly, I was ready to be done with the pregnancy thing! A few days prior, the OB called me in for some bloodwork due to some itching I was having. Today, we were going to review the bloodwork. “Most everything came back normal, but some of your ranges are right on the verge of…

  • How a 5K taught me about God, Laura Lambert, Christian podcaster and speaker
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    How a 5k Taught Me About God and Keeping Score

    Training for the 5k My husband Matt, my younger brother Josh, and I decided we would try to run a 5k in late September of this year. I eagerly began our training regimen (appropriately called, “Couch to 5K”) in early August, downloaded an app to help me stick to a plan, and signed us up for the “I Love the 90’s 5k.” I thought this was going to be all about getting in shape. What I didn’t know was that God was going to teach me a whole lot about keeping score.  I was feeling good. I had it all together, was totally on top of this running thing, and…