Why Acts of Kindness Matter: A Story of Serendipity and a NICU Baby

How Our Healthy Boy Became a NICU Baby On June 25th of this year, I was sitting in my weekly Prenatal appointment at my OB’s office. I was officially 36 weeks pregnant and was ready to hear how everything was progressing. Honestly, I was ready to be done with the pregnancy thing! A few days prior, the OB called me in for some bloodwork due to some itching I was having. Today, we were going to review the bloodwork. “Most everything came back normal, but some of your ranges are right on the verge of being concerning,” she said to me. Matt and I looked at each other and asked her what it all meant. She evaluated my symptoms a little further, flipped open my bloodwork chart again, then looked at me and said, “I think to be safe we should induce you on Tuesday.” “This Tuesday?” I said, a bit stunned. I mean, I was ready to be done with pregnancy but this all seemed a bit quick! “A week from today,” she nodded her head. What ensued immediately following felt like a whirlwind. My OB diagnosed me with a condition called Cholestasis, which basically meant I was in no danger, but baby was if he didn’t arrive before the end of my 37th week of pregnancy. The clock was ticking. That week was insane – we didn’t even have a carseat yet!  We spent the week preparing, were thrown for a loop when our induction hospital changed at the last minute,  but then finally headed to our new hospital a week later to be induced overnight. Henry was born the next day, the first day of my 37th week of pregnancy, July 3rd, 2019, with very little fanfare. My whole induction was a great experience, and Henry was...

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