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    3 Things We Should Start Saying About Kanye West, His Christianity, and JESUS IS KING

    “What have you been hearing from the Christians? They’ll be the first ones to judge me, make it feel like nobody love me. Don’t throw me away, lay your hands on me. Please pray for me.” – Kanye West It’s time we challenge ourselves as Christians to be the best we can possibly be. Let’s start by thinking about how we approach Kanye West. I’ve been scanning Twitter, Facebook, and Google over the past few days since I heard about JESUS IS KING, and there’s a genre of response creeping across my internet that I just don’t love. Before I start, let me say that all Christians are not responding…

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    Why Acts of Kindness Matter: A Story of Serendipity and a NICU Baby

    How Our Healthy Boy Became a NICU Baby On June 25th of this year I had no clue what Acts of Kindness would be coming my way shortly thereafter. I was sitting in my weekly Prenatal appointment at my OB’s office. I was officially 36 weeks pregnant and was ready to hear how everything was progressing. Honestly, I was ready to be done with the pregnancy thing! A few days prior, the OB called me in for some bloodwork due to some itching I was having. Today, we were going to review the bloodwork. “Most everything came back normal, but some of your ranges are right on the verge of…

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    How a 5k Taught Me About God and Keeping Score

    Training for the 5k My husband Matt, my younger brother Josh, and I decided we would try to run a 5k in late September of this year. I eagerly began our training regimen (appropriately called, “Couch to 5K”) in early August, downloaded an app to help me stick to a plan, and signed us up for the “I Love the 90’s 5k.” I thought this was going to be all about getting in shape. What I didn’t know was that God was going to teach me a whole lot about keeping score.  I was feeling good. I had it all together, was totally on top of this running thing, and…

  • What happens when we let go of the chains of guilt and run in the freedom of Christ's love? Find out over at Where Faith Grows today!
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    Christian Guilt

    I Feel Guilty I have a confession for you – I feel guilty. I don’t remember the first time I started lathering on what I call the “Christian guilt”, but I know it goes back years. I can remember being about 10 or 11 years old and faking sick to get out of going to church because I wanted to stay home and play with my toys. And so It began…my long-term relationship with guilt. I vividly remember laying in bed extra long on Sunday morning waiting for my Dad to come get me out of bed for church.  “I just don’t feel good”, I would mumble, even though I…

  • I think God made us a little tenacious on purpose - read all about how I no longer see myself as one of the 99, but rather as the one sheep...and why that's not so bad after all. Read about it over at Where Faith Grows!
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    I Am the One Sheep: How Jesus and Sheep Changed the Way I View My Faith

    Jesus and Sheep In Sunday school, I remember hearing the stories of Jesus and sheep. I learned about how he searches for the one sheep who goes astray, even as 99 remain within the fold – because, after all, he is the good shepherd! As I heard this story, I remember visualizing who I believed that “one” might be. Maybe it was a friend who stopped coming to church. Or someone hanging out with the wrong crowd, or a gossip who said something about me. As I got older, it was that girl who always had her string of boyfriends, or the guy not trying hard enough in his marriage.…

  • It can be easy to get stuck in the framing stages of life, but God has so much more planned for you. Read more over at Where Faith Grows!
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    Framing, Drywall, and…God?

    Framing At work a few weeks ago, I was helping with an expansion project. The framing in one of the new rooms was complete. I looked around and immediately noticed a problem. I didn’t want to tell my boss, Kevin, what I was seeing, however. Little did I know, what was about to unfold would teach me a lot about framing AND God. You see, Kevin almost always knows exactly what he is doing. On top of this, he has a lot of experience in construction. So, I was afraid to tell him the obvious: This room is going to be much too small! I never said a word. I knew…

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    Where Can He Find Us: What Yoga Taught me About My Christianity

    Yoga I am a yogi. In other words, I practice yoga. Sure, I’ve been told I can’t say this. I’ve been told I’m practicing an Eastern religion, that yoga isn’t Christian enough, that yoga “distracts me from God,” or that it may become “idol worship.” Duly noted. I am a yogi. And I love it. I find Jesus on my mat, and I don’t think that’s crazy at all. Yoga is exciting to me. Every day is a new challenge, a new asana (pose), and a new intensive workout. I struggle on my mat. I fall, I get back up, I fall again. I work on the same pose for…

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    65 Hours: A Learner’s Permit and Faith in the Waiting

    A Learner’s Permit Takes Patience I remember staring in disbelief at the instructions that came with my learner’s permit when I was 15 years old. I had to practice driving for 65 hours? It seemed like an eternity. I was reading this information as my dad drove me home from my learner’s permit test. Luckily for me, I turned 15 several months after most of my friends. They had already filled me in on the reality of this situation: “It’s a joke, Laura. No one actually does that.” “Your parents just sign the form so you can go get your license.” I was going to be fine; this was no biggie.…

  • Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows. Today, it taught me about faith in a new and unique way. Read all about it over at Where Faith Grows!
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    Waiting For the Call: Gilmore Girls and God

    Gilmore Girls and God? Wait, What? “Demand more from the Lord.” Just writing these words is uncomfortable. For the modern Christian, we demand very little of Jesus. We ask him to be present with us when we pray. We ask him to be with us when we worship, when we go to church, when we have our quiet time. We ask him to help us when things are rough. In the grand scheme of life, we demand so little of him. For the man who was granted all authority and power over Heaven and Earth, my asking him to help me through a rough time or be there when I…