Laura Lambert

Christian Speaker and Podcaster

Laura Lambert, Christian Speaker and Podcaster, has found her home onstage. From playing leading roles in musicals and stage productions to being selected as the commencement speaker for her undergraduate graduation from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Laura has ignited and inspired audiences for over a decade in a wide range of venues and roles.
Laura uses her podcast, Where Faith Grows, to encourage and inspire women weekly to find new areas in their lives where Faith can grow and flourish. Her other current projects include a workbook for women, and a book she is co-authoring with her mother, Jennifer Walden.
As a Christian speaker, Laura loves making connections with people and finding joy and faith in the everyday. She adamantly believes that God can be found anywhere we look for Him, and helps women find this truth in order to transform their lives from the inside out.
Laura will bring new life to your event. With joy, humor, and passion, she will ignite a fire for newfound faith in your audience, inspiring them to take leaps of faith in all aspects of life. Your group will leave transformed and with an invigorated passion for Christ that will extend well beyond the closure of your event.

Laura also speaks as a mother-daughter duo with her Mom, Jennifer Walden. Here is her bio and speaking info as well.


A Note from Laura:

My heart and commitment is to encourage all women in their faith and wholeness. I consider it a calling and privilege to spend time in fellowship and growth with women of all backgrounds and financial means.  Please contact me using the form below so together we can craft an event that is perfect for your group.

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Christian blogger, podcaster, and speaker, Laura Lambert
Christian blogger, podcaster, and speaker, Laura Lambert

Jenn and Laura

Team Bio 

This Mother- Daughter Duo of Christian Speakers is perhaps one of the most unlikely you’ll find. Laura never thought she would grow up with a mother, and Jenn never thought she would become a mom. 


Yet in June of 2006, Jenn married Laura’s father Kirk–a single dad raising Laura and her two siblings–and through all the challenges of a blended family, the two became mom and daughter, and best friends along the way.

Their story not only showcases God’s redemption of all things broken, but also His knack for surprising us with more than we could ever ask and His abounding grace.  

Both educators with degrees in psychology and education, Jenn and Laura both have experience working with at-risk and underserved populations. Jenn and Laura both love understanding behavior and human needs, and understanding God’s design and support in these areas. 

Jenn and Laura have served alongside one another in music ministry and love singing with an acapella group through one of Nashville’s premier music schools. For both of them, music speaks to their souls in a unique way. 

They do a lot of life together–they are even next-door neighbors. Currently, the two are teaming together on a number of projects, from books to multimedia resources. Soon to be released is a workbook-style devotional which will equip women to own their God-given name in order to leave a lasting legacy of faith that is uniquely theirs to stamp on the world, leaving it forever changed. 

What Jenn and Laura Uniquely Bring to an Event:

With their vast teaching experience, more than 30 years combined, Laura and Jenn know how to grab attention, inspire an audience, and make lasting points, all while bringing humor and fun to an event.  


Jenn and Laura also offer flexibility in working across multiple generations.  Laura is a new mom in her late 20s, with all challenges of single life, early marriage, and motherhood still fresh in her experience and memories – she easily connects with audience members in their 20s and 30s. Jenn is nearing 50 and brings a vast array of personal and professional experience. Together Laura and Jenn are two Christian speakers that bring a beautiful range of personal experience, relating to women of all backgrounds. 

 Laura and Jenn also love pulling out their teaching tool bags to work with attendees in small group break-out sessions specifically tailored to the varied experience and ages of your audience. When applicable, these smaller sessions are extremely effective in enabling attendees to gain from the experiences and wisdom of their peers. In intimate settings with the right exercises, we find women can experience exciting breakthroughs and model a sisterhood of support.

Wedding photo of Laura Lambert, Christian podcaster and speaker, and her mom, Jennifer Walden, Christian blogger and speaker

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