Where Faith Grows episode 002 on passions and calling. Christian podcast from Laura Lambert

Episode 002 – Sydney Lau: On Your Calling (part 1 of 2)

“I do have a gift of discernment. And it's not because I'm good at discernment. It's because I have someone in me who is good at discerning things for me.”
Sydney Lau, guest on Where Faith Grows Podcast
Sydney Lau

What You Will Hear

This episode of Where Faith Grows is all about your calling. As Christians, I think it’s very easy to get bogged down and stressed out wondering if we are adequately living out God’s calling for our lives. So, today Sydney and I sat down and hashed it out!

This episode was originally supposed to be just one episode on this topic. But as Sydney and I started discussing your calling, we both quickly realized there was a lot to say. So, you’ll notice this is a part 1 of 2! The second part of this amazing conversation will be available in just two weeks.

Sydney and I start off with a fun discussion about Google maps and a game I LOVE to play, Geoguessr. Then, we dive into the main topic of convo, your calling and God’s plan for our lives. Sydney and I discuss the challenges associated with moving away from home (especially when you’re the first one to do so!).

We then talk about her recent history, moving to the Nashville area and meeting and marrying her husband, Ryan. Then, we dive into the stigma of breakups in Christian culture before talking about her time as a teacher.

Next, we chat about making changes in occupation.  In this case, we discuss making moves in occupation when you feel like where you are is not your calling, which can be a major step of faith for people. We discuss the discernment required of decisions like this and how they can cause our faith to grow tremendously. Finally, we wrap up with a fun conversation about the Enneagram! 

I LOVED this conversation with Sydney. And, as you know, this is just part 1! Next time, we continue our discussion about your calling as we dive into music and how Sydney began pursuing this passion. Make sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and don’t forget to share it if you love it! 

About Sydney

Originally from South Carolina, Sydney is a worship leader / songwriter who moved to Nashville, TN after marrying her husband, Ryan, in 2018. She and her husband met in college while both studying music.

Sydney taught music in schools for several years before deciding to pursue her own original music which will be releasing in 2020.

She often travels to different churches in the area to lead worship, and attends The Belonging Co. as her church home. She is extremely passionate about her relationship with God, and works to make the Holy Spirit an active part of her everyday life in the big moments and the small.

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